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Lady Makes 500th Tower Trip

This was last year,but it's still awesome anyway. ;)

A 76-year-old Central Florida woman took her 500th trip on the Disney MGM Studios Tower of Terror ride Monday.

For the last 9 years, Harriett Williams has logged every ride she has taken on the Disney ride.

"I like roller coasters and what I like about roller coasters is the drop and this one is all drop," Williams said.

William is considered an expert on the ride.

"What do you tell the wimps around you that are screaming," Local 6 News reporter Todd Lewis asked.

"I tell them no screaming and they scream and I turn around and tell them, you didn't listen," Williams said. Disney officials honored Williams for he accomplishment. She received the award from her favorite Tower of Terror ride attendant T.J.

Williams now wants to ride the Tower of Terror 1,000 times.


Heh.That's really cool.If ya click on the link,it has a video and some pictures.
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I miss Harriett! She came to Tower just about everyday. She is really nice and has her favorite seat that she sits in. This past semester she was working near 600.
Woah,sweet!She must be reeaally deticated,lol! She certainly has good taste in castmembers,'cause T.J. rocks!I've never seen anybody get into character like that before >.>
TJ is crazy but a really nice guy. On my days off I would find him, run up to him and give him a hug. He always chuckled at that. TJ has been there since the Tower opened along with a couple other people.
I Remember her!!!! Woah, flashbacks of weirdness. I can't remember anything about her, but I remember everyone talking about an old lady and 500 times and such and then pointed her out.

Yes, TJ was SUCH a nice guy!!! :) Doesn't EVERYONE love TJ? He gave us special "charactor" training. He's awesome. We got free pizza that day too.