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Greetings from the... er... 1st dimension. x_x;

Just saying hello to all here! My name's Robert, and I'm in the minority; being from CA, I've only ridden the Disney's California Adventure version of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Though I loved it, even if it was a tad bit short. ^_^;
lol, in all the 18 years of my life, it's the only freefall ride I've been on! Anywho, there are some frightening pictures of mwa'self and my many strange trips to Disneyland and DCA. Of course, the Tower of Terror is in there as well. (Darn AOL... they make the pictures pixelated, thus making me look scarier) o_o;

But enough of that scariness! Anybody seen the Tower of Terror movie? They reran it on Disney Channel on Saturday, which I actually remember because I was going to watch LotR The Two Towers DVD with my sweetie that night. I didn't really like it... I enjoyed The Haunted Mansion movie better actually. And how could they omit the Twilight Zone from it?! I mean sure, maybe for Tokyo Disney Sea in Japan it makes some sense, but still... lol, that's just me. ^_^;
Well, enough rambling. I shall now "Wave goodbye to the real world..." as they say in the DCA version of tTZToT(mwahaha for confusing initials). o_o;
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